Costas Lyssiotis recognized as highly cited researcher

Costas Lyssiotis has been recognized by Clarivate™ as a highly  cited researcher. Fewer than 6,200 (about 0.1%) of the world’s researchers were selected for recognition in 2020, and our lab is honored to be among this elite group. Costas demonstrated exceptional research influence with multiple highly-cited papers ranked in the top 1% of citations for field and year in the Web of Science™. Check out our full list of publications here, and congratulations Costas! 


Welcome Megan radyk to the team!

We are so excited to have our newest super-scientist post doctorate, Megan Radyk, join the Lyssiotis lab! Megan completed her PhD at Washington University in the Mills lab where she studied the role of mature secretory cells in gastrointestinal regeneration . Now, she’ll be researching how cellular metabolism shapes cancer initaiton and metaplasia. Stay up to date with her @radykm on Twitter, and thanks to the Mills lab for the awesome video!

9/21-9/25 National Post-Doc appreciation week! 

A huge thank you, and lots of graditude towards the post-docs in the lab who keep everything running smooth. While Chris Halbrook will be leaving in just a weeks time to start his own lab, his contributions to the Lyssiotis lab in the past years are numberous. Nneka Mbah dedicates countless hours to her projects on DIPG and immunogenic cell death in pancreatic cancer. Mengrou Shan is making great headway in her investigation of metabolic vunerabilities in pancreatic cancer. Zeribe Chike (co-mentored by Maria Castro ) balances many projects around amino acid metabolism, bioinformatics, and immunology in pancreatic cancer. Andrew Scott (co-mentored by Dan Wahl) is a master in metabolic tracing for his projects around glioblastomas. Our newest post-doc to join, Megan Radyk (co-mentored by Yatrik Shah), will be working on how metabolism drives tissue transformations in pancreatic cancer. Again we can’t thank them enough for their hard work. Cheers to all of their accomplishments!

Chris Halbrook

Nneka Mbah

Mengrou Shan

Zeribe Chike

Andrew Scott

Megan Radyk

Congrats to our masters students- Seth Boyer, Olivia Babich, and Abhinav Anand on successful capstone presentations!

Seth Boyer- August 4th

“Defining metabolic programs in pancreatic tumor associated macrophages using a triomics approach” 

Olivia Babich- July 31st

“Effects of Malic Enzyme 1 inhibition on Pancreatic Cancer: Sensitizing Cells to Hypoxic Stress” 

Abhinav Anand- July 30th

“Targeting Glutamine Metabolism in Pancreatic Cancer”

congratulations Dr. Daniel Kremer


Back-to-back with Dr. Nelson, the Lyssiotis group is celebrating Dr. Daniel Kremer for the successful defense of his thesis “Metabolic Regulation of Ferroptosis in Pancreatic Cancer”. He will be moving onward to a post-doctorate position in the Schulz lab at the Scripps Institute of Research. Another huge congratulations to you, Dan! Follow him on twitter @DMKremer1 to see keep up with his work.

Congratulations Dr. Barbara Nelson 


 On Wednesday, Dr. Barbara Nelson successfully defended her PhD thesis “Defining Roles of Metabolic Reprogramming in Pancreatic Tumorgenesis and Tumor Maintenance”. She is the first PhD from the Lyssiotis lab and will be moving on to a post-doctorate in the Chinnaiyan lab at the University of Michigan.  Huge congratulations to you, Barb! Keep up to date with her work through twitter @biologist_barb 

Dr. Christopher Halbrook to join UC Irvine as Assistant Professor

The Lyssiotis lab is sending our best wishes to Chris as he completes his post-doctorate and moves on to academia. Dr. Chris Hallbrook will be officially starting the Halbrook Lab as an assistant professor at the University of California, Irvine. We will miss him dearly, and can’t wait to see what he will accomplish. Stay up-to-date with his research on twitter @CJHPhD

The Lyssiotis Lab is on twitter!

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We’re Celebrating 5 years!

Dr. Lyssiotis founded the lab back in 2015, making this the 5th anniversary. We’d like to take a moment to thank our current and past funding sources (for a total list click here) for their support of our research. We’d also like to thank all of our undergraduate, graduate, post-doc researchers  and staff who dedicate countless hours to their projects.

Cheers to 5 years, and many more to come!